The Zearo CRM module helps you know your customer better and includes many features such as activities, history, related contacts, addresses of your customers and their relations with your competitors. The flexible database structures enables you whatever information you would like to keep on your customer and maintains such information for your future reference.

The Zearo CRM module also facilitates control and organization of entire sales process, from offer to invoice. It empowers your sales staff by providing details such as inventory status, estimated costs and delivery time, risk status, habits and special demands, and previous trades during offer stage.

The ERP CRM module offers an effective customer complaint management tool which also includes repairs processing and document management.


  • Optimize marketing and sales activities; acquire and retain the right customers, build long-term and profitable customer relationships.
  • Deliver creditability in communications, which will generate more leads, sale orders, and closures.
  • Improve efficiency in public relations management thereby contributing to the organization’s overall growth.
  • Perform end-to-end sales processes more effectively.
  • Gain visibility into the sales performance by using tools that simplify data analysis and reporting.

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