Training Material



  • Navigate to “Purchase Order” Window
  • In “Purchase Order” Window, Select ‘Purchase Order’ Tab
  • Create New Record in ‘Purchase Order’ Tab
  • In New Record, Select Target Document Type as Purchase Order, Select respective Business Partner, Select Price List then save the record. Note the document number (For Ex.: 800007)

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  • Next Select ‘PO Line’ Tab – Select new record, Add product(s) and Quantity then save the record.

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  • While adding products itself we can check the product availability.
  • Click on Inventory (Product Info) and check the available is added.
  • We can go Inventory (Product Info) from any page.

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  • Go back to ‘Purchase Order’ Tab and give complete.

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  • Click on print icon and take the print out of Purchase Order if needed

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  • Navigate to “Material Receipt” Window
  • In “Material Receipt” Window, Select ‘Material Receipt’ Tab
  • Create New Record in ‘Material Receipt’ Tab
  • In new record, Select Document Type as MM Receipt, Select respective business partner and click on ‘Create Lines From’ button to add Purchase Order document number.

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  • Select the Purchase Order and verify the quantity
  • We can change the quantity if needed

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  • Then complete the record.

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  • In “Material Receipt” Window – After gave complete to the record, Click on ‘Generate Invoice from Receipt’ button, select price list and generate the invoice.

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  • Note down the invoice number. (For Ex.: 1000005)

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  • Navigate to “Invoice (Vendor)” Window. Select ‘Invoice’ tab.
  • Select Lookup Record and paste the invoice number.

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  • After the record is opened, give complete.

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  • Navigate to “Payment” Window.
  • Create new Record in ‘Payment’ Tab.
  • In New record, Select Document Type as AP Payment, Select Bank Account, Select business partner, Select invoice and save the record.

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  • After the completion of Purchase Cycle, Click on Inventory (Product Info) and check the availability of the product is updated (Increased).
  • We can go Inventory (Product Info) from any page.

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  • In Inventory (Product Info) select pricelist version

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  • Navigate to “Statement of Accounts (Trans)” window
  • Select the business partner, account element, date and search
  • Here we can check the vendor statements