Generate Invoices(manual)

Generate Invoice for open Orders are created based on the delivery rule of the Order and the relative order priority. If a Promise Date is selected only orders up to (including) the date are selected.


The Customer Invoice Window allows you to display and enter invoices for a customer. Invoices can also be generated from Sales Orders or Delivery documents.


  • Multi Currency
  • Overall/Line Discount
  • Special Discount
  • Price List based Product Price
  • Project / Cost Center Mapping in invoice level
  • Copy Description from Product Level
  • File Attachment Options
  • Payment term can be configured
  • Charges can be included
  • Serialized material can be associated
  • Multiple Uom can be managed for the item
  • Project / Cost center mapping in line level
  • Asset mapping in line level
  • LPO/DN/POS Reference can be maintained and trackable
  • Able to check the payment alloction for an invoice
  • Able to control the print whether line item on report or not (Print Option is available)
  • Custom Product mapping is avaiable
  • Letter Print is available
  • Documet Processing can be done by below types
    • Complete
    • Close
    • Void
    • Reactivate
  • Dot Matrix Print format is available