Job Order

Job Order

A Job Order (JO) is an order received from customer or an Sales order created internally within the Organisation. In a manufacturing environment, a job order is converted from a Sales Order to show that work is about to begin on the manufacture, building or engineering of the products requested by the customer.

In a service environment, a job order can be equivalent to a service order where the JO records the location, date and time the service is carried out and the nature of work that is done. The type of personal (e.g. job position) may also be listed on the JO.

A rate (e.g. /hr/week) and also the total amount of hours worked and total value is also shown on the job order.


  • Service Request (Internal) can be managed
  • Able to change technician at any point of time
  • Material Requisition will be done from job order
  • Able to generated Invoice for the job order
  • Reference Sales Order Line can be overridden
  • Project Mapping is available
  • Able to send SMS/Email for Job statuses to relevant stake holders
  • SMS/Email Template can be attached
  • Multi files can be attached
  • Work Start and Work End control is available
  • Able to print related Job Order
  • TFR (Technical Failure Report) can be managed
  • Customer Delivery can be managed from Job Order for Warranty related services
  • Warehouse based Job order control