Field Force Automation (FFA)


Zearo has launched a special Field Force Automation (FFA) system that will make the process of installation faster and easier for customers across Qatar, with the new Field Force Automation system, as soon as an installation date is booked, the customer’s details are uploaded to a special mobile app, along with GPS co-ordinates for the address. This enables technicians to immediately know the order details, location and appointment time for new installations, and find the location via GPS.

The FFA app will also send customers an automatic SMS with the appointment time, following on from the standard appointment date SMS they get when they make a booking, so that they know when to expect the technicians, saving time and making the process smoother and more efficient.

The FFA solution enables for Telecom installation team to track and monitor the whole process from start to finish, ensuring that all necessary equipment is available at the warehouse, the appointment is logged with Telecom provider, and any problems or need for repeat visits are recorded, to enable a faster follow-up. The Field Force Automation system has been designed to automate the whole installation process and to ensure our customers get the service they require in a timely manner.

The Field Force Automation system is set to provide better scheduling, faster appointments and a host of other benefits for customers. The app has been designed based on customer feedback on the installation process, and recommendations to enhance the process.

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