Zearo Retail

Zearo Retail is an Android POS app, which going to design especially for Mobile and Tablet

it comes with a wide range of advanced yet easy-to-use tools


Actual quick service, because speed matters.

Simple to set up and a breeze to use, Zearo Retail app operates on android systems terminal with a web browser and allows you to step out from behind the counter. Quickly add and sell any type of product, easily track sales report for the day, week, month or year.


Easy to use User Interface and better User experience.

Our team has designed Zearo Retail to be intuitive and easy-to-use for anyone, while providing a full range of features and tools to gear your store for success. Zearo Retail features

  • Wide selection of payment methods
  • Set discounts in simple click
  • Bill split by cover
  • Improved customer service
  • Engaging customers

Pack & Business

Compatible business solution, structured process, well ordered, cost effective, energy & labor saving.

Inventory Management

Perpetual Inventory control, track on hand, Accrual accounting, effect on profitability, Concise Explanation of accounting records.

Employee Management

Sharpen employee creativity, Hands on training, Enhance balanced work, Matrix management, Goal setting, integration with checklist, strategic planning, Total compensation, Individual & team development and succession planning.

Customer Management

Retain customer, Build & grow business, enrich customer loyalty, Redeem loyalty rewards.

Analytical Report

Matrix based reporting tool, real time data guides business decision, Plan product promotion. Highlights top selling product and its specified reports.

Well-Equipped Inventory Management System

Track on ease, Portable and drives order management.

  • Hub for all product info & database
  • Increase & Manage orders to Maximize ROI
  • End to end tracking
  • Enhanced Shipping plans
  • Accounting and CRM integration
  • Control & Warehouse Management
  • Effective reporting and data analysis tool

Employee Management

Boost accountability and enhance scheduling, adequate training process and streamline time clocks.

  • Set & Map privilege and permissions
  • Measure dashboards and reports
  • Transaction tracking
  • Secure access to system
  • Cloud based process scheduling

Customer Relationship Management

  • Simplify customer groups to business requirements
  • One point customer database management
  • Export your list to email marketing tool.
  • Add in store credit to your customers.
  • Know your top customer likes.

Sales Analytics Management

  • View on customer purchasing habits and likes.
  • Efficiency of marketing through availability of useful data.
  • Actionable data can be used in real time.
  • Highlight threats and avail solution at ease.

Smart Purchase

  • Simplify accounting process
  • Order and reorder inventory
  • Track on transactions
  • Provides faster service.

Multi-Store Management

  • Manage Multiple store under one roof – Keep track of inventory across multiple sales channel with real time, seamless syncing of stock.
  • Track on catalog items – Allows each stock be in right number, not too much or too less in your shelf.
  • Group Customer database – Powerful management system to track, maintain and view unified customers and their products.
  • Multi user management – Multiple user action on a single ease methods and transferring stocks between different warehouses to meet the needs.

Dhukan Features

  • Register & integrate payment terminal
  • Inventory Management
  • CRM & customer loyalty
  • Analytics & reports
  • Order Management
  • Gift Cards & Points system
  • Online Dashboard
  • Mobile POS
  • Time clock
  • Discount
  • Multi-Store Management
  • Enterprise
  • Quick Books Integration
  • API Integration

Customer Relationship Management

  • Group your best customers – The reports and charts highlight the top best customers. This helps the business to know the fast moving and plan inventory accordingly.
  • Build customer relationship management – Creates customer profiles and maintains their complete transaction history. Complete analyzation on customer shopping experience.
  • Promote point system and gift coupons – Boost your business sales and helps for customer returns. This also creates larger branding to thrive continuously on business.
  • Build customer loyalty program – Create various loyalty programs can gain customers goodwill on all retailers. Happy selling brings more worth and successful customers.
  • Market study on customer spending history – Feature to track on customer spending history and their likes, encourage customer to visit again and their market likes.

Order Management

  • Quick order status update – Coordinate and track all your order as simple as ever before. Upfront dashboard describes the order status. Instantly manage all your delivery orders knowing the status of completed and pending.
  • Intelligent Re-ordering Suggestions – Highlights the low stock items and guides us for continuous supply. Thus the product available on shelf and every sale was not missed.
  • Hub for your Invoices & receipts – A center point to access all your bills and receipts in an instant search and referred as needed.
  • Manage your supplies and stakeholders – Create profile and group store suppliers info with their product major and track on each order.

Time Clock

  • Track on shift timings – Track your associates log and manage properly and efficiently.
  • Time log dashboard – Denotes shift time and reporting. Options to swift or request for shift change. Receive real time notifications via text or email, when unscheduled clocks-ins or clock-outs are attempted.

Mobile POS

  • Line-Busting Mobile Checkout – Drills to the line where you stand across and takes a further step closer to customers which increase your sales.
  • View real time & updated reports – Know your number that’s driven your business and generate reports for business status and planning.
  • Inventory management as handy – Access your reports and variables from anywhere and retrieve valid information serves your business needs.
  • Create Limitless Business Environment – Compatible and works on any device, so you can sell more products and offer ultimate customer experience.
  • Security data access – Easy customization on roles and permissions to match with your store processes and keep sensitive data hidden and secure.

Inventory Management

Continuous track on all inventories help business to moves smoothly. Planning Inventory levels require planning a lot more! Systematic and accurate recording of inventory movement at different stages result in a better inventory tracking and management.

  • Eliminate Inventory breakdown – Better material requirement planning.
  • Automated reordering based on specific stock levels.
  • Better Just in time planning – Economic order quantity
  • Painless – Product matrix report – Day sales of inventory.
  • Better Customer Experience

QuickBooks Management

  • Enhanced business insights

Analytics & Reports

  • Sales and expense summary reports
  • Analysis Income and revenue statement
  • Know your best selling products
  • Comparative market study on sales and products
  • Magnify each transaction

Dhukan Dashboard

  • Enrich reporting tool
  • Effective inventory management
  • Create various loyalty programs
  • Track on sales graph

Gift Cards

  • Increase sales and revenue
  • It takes two or Multiply Revenue
  • Promote Brand awareness
  • Keep Track and mitigate expenses

API Integration Management

  • Integrate with 3rd party accounting application
  • Consolidated customer relationship management systems.
  • Combine POS data with comprehensive warehouse management software
  • Sales summary reports

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