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Manage Your Restaurant Easily

Zearo provides a Complete Point of Sale to automate and enhance Restaurant Operations that fit for all types of restaurant. Use Zearo Restaurant Point of Sale to build relationships with your customers.

Quick Payments/Orders through POS

Quickly take payments at the counter or at the table. Use Zearo Restaurant Point of Sale to split bills, add discounts & apply surcharges and then accept Cash, Cards. Assign orders to tables, takeaway or delivery, and instantly send production dockets to the kitchen or wherever it needs to be produced.

Elevate your customer’s dining experience with Smart Menu

Let your Stewards accept customer orders easily at their table through the Smart Menu App. The orders get automatically pushed to the POS and Kitchen Display, thus reduce any delays in order taking. You can also suggest customers to give an order from Smart Menu App.

Smart Kitchen Display

Orders are taken in Smart Menu app or from the POS, the ordered items will rushed to your Smart Kitchen Display. Your Chefs will start to cook on the orders in queue and the foods will reach the tables soon. Queue will be cleared, Once the items are out of the Kitchen.

Virtual Menu Display, Digital Sinage right from software

Attract your Customers with our latest, stylish virtual menu in your Restaurant. You can display separate menu items in the display. Also you can display the Combos in virtual menu that reaches Customer’s mind faster.

Executive Dashboard for Reports

Get up to date by viewing real-time reports on daily sales, even when you’re not at your restaurant. It helps you to reduce the dependency on your Restaurant Manager for the sales reports. Zearo Restaurant Point of Sale feature allows you to view all your restaurant’s sales in real time.

How it Works?

Cash Register

Tired of handling long queue? Our cashier system can enhance your sales process and facilitates service. Quick import on menu items and tracks its availability

Digital Menu

Engage and stimulate your customer closer to their favorites. Create better user/customer experience with our multiple display layouts.

Digital Token

It’s a captain steer – Our digital token will steer your order and reservations. Keeps the crew well alerted and well guided from order till delivery

Digital Signboard

Wanna to boost sales! Yeah we help you to create your own offer and customer loyalty programs. Make your walls responsive to menus and offers to promote

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Food Court

Mobile Cafe






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