Asset Management

Asset Management

To maintain competitive advantage, you must maximize the use of every available asset and ensure that all facilities and equipment operate at peak performance and efficiency. Enterprise asset management (EAM) helps ensure that effective decisions are made throughout the complete asset life cycle – from specification and design, procurement, and deployment, to maintenance and disposal.

ERP Operations includes features and functions that enable you to perform

  • Monitoring and Control – Track and manage operations, safety, maintenance, and expenses to reduce overall operating costs and make informed capital investment decisions.
  • Maintenance – Develop effective maintenance plans, including preventive maintenance and the rapid identification of items needing repair.
  • Mobile Services – Fulfill maintenance work offline using mobile devices, such as laptops or personal digital assistants (PDA), so that field engineers can access the tools and data they need to effectively perform their jobs.
  • Strategic Asset Deployment – Match appropriate assets with production requirements to ensure that the most efficient assets are deployed for each project.
  • Environmental, Safety, and Regulatory Compliance – Meet industrial health and safety measures, and comply with regulations and industry standards, through accurate planning and organization of equipment maintenance intervals.

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