Request For Quotation

Request for Quotation to be sent out to vendors of a RFQ Topic. After Vendor selection, optionally create Sales Order or Quote for Customer as well as Purchase Order for Vendor(s).

  • RFQ Response


Enter and maintain Material Requisitions. Material Requisition can be created automatically via Replenishment. You create generate optionally consolidated Purchase Orders.

Create PO from Requisition

The Create PO from Requisition will help us to generate Purchase order from Requisition. PO will generate based below parameters

  • Warehouse
  • Requisition Date
  • Vendor

RFQ Topic

A Request for Quotation Topic allows you to maintain a subscriber list of potential Vendors to respond to RfQs

RFQ Response

Lists detail Responses of active RfQs (not closed/processed) where the Response is marked as complete.

Requisition Detail

The Requisition Details provides detailed information on each Requisition’s lines sent to Vendor. This report is useful in reviewing the details of the items included in a Requisition line. Requisition Line report displays Document No, Business Partner, Charge, Description, Attribute Set Instance, Doc Date, Doc Status, Line No, Line Amount, Posted Status, Product, Qty, Requisition, Requisition Line, Unit Price, UOM, etc.

Requisition Summary

This report provides summary information on Purchase Requisition. They are Document No, Doc Type, Service No, Job Cost, Usuario, Description, Comment, Priority, Approved, Date Required, Doc Date, Warehouse, Price List, Total Lines, Doc Status, BP ID, etc.

RFQ Unanswered

Lists Responses of active RfQs (not closed/processed) where the Response is not marked as complete.