In general, we can prepare an offer letter and create this document as a Proposal or Quotation document.

These types are described as follows:

  • Proposal aims to create an offer without binding the customer. It just provides information. Without binding the customer, the stock quantity of our products is not reserved, and we are free to offer our product to other customers.
  • Quotation aims to create an offer letter that binds the customer. In this type of document, our stock will be reserved for the customers who are offered the letter.


  • Multi Currency
  • Copy Quotation from Other Quotation
  • Overall/Line Discount
  • Special Discount
  • More than 10 Quotation Print Formats
  • Price List based Product Price
  • Define Quotation Category
  • Project / Cost Center Mapping
  • Copy Description from Product Level
  • File Attachement Options
  • Quoation History

Quote convert

You can convert a Proposal or Quotation to any other Order document type. You would use this process, if you want to maintain/keep the Proposal or Quotation. The document status needs to be In Process.